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Application Period:

April 25 - June 10, 2022*

Semester Start Date:

September 1st, 2022*

*This schedule is subject to change without notice.

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RB Student Service History







Royal Butler Student Service was founded in Kyungsung University.

Official partnership with Kyungsung University established.

Accommodations provided for ± 200 Kyungsung University foreign             students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

Admission recruitment from Pakistan started.

Kyungsung University Admission interview in Islamabad, Lahore,

          and Lahore.

Admission recruitment from The Philippines started.

Accommodations provided for ± 400 Kyungsung University foreign             students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and               Vietnam.

RB Summer Camp Program successfully concluded.

Official partnership with Dongwon Institute of Science and 

          Technology established.

Admission recruitment from Nepal and Bangladesh started.

Accommodations provided for ± 40 Ulsan University foreign

          students from Uzbekistan.

Accommodations provided for 5 Kyungsung University foreign

          students from Myanmar.

Official partnership with Dong-A University established.

Admission recruitment from Sri Lanka started.

Accommodations provided for ± 200 Ulsan University foreign

          students from Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

Covid-19 quarantine on arrival accommodations and meals

          provided ± 60 Kyungsung University foreign students from

          Indonesia and China.

Admission recruitment from India started.

Official partnership with Silla University established.

RB Student Service History
Available Programs
  • Korean Language Program + Korean Track Bachelor's Program

  • Korean Language Program + Korean Track Master's Program

  • English Track Bachelor's Program

  • English Track Master's Program

  • English Track Doctorate Program (Dept. of Global Business Administration)

Available Programs
Partial Initial Scholarship
  • Bachelor's Program: 15% ~ 30%

  • Masters and Doctorate Programs: 30% ~ 70%

*the amount of initial scholarship differs according to the course selected.

*higher amount of initial scholarship may be awarded for applicants with extraordinary academic

          and admission interview performance.

Partial Initial Scholarship
Application Process
  1. Online application through Royal Butler

  2. Royal Butler Handling Fee payment and confirmation

  3. Admission application completion

  4. Complete documents preparations

  5. Complete documents submission by post to applied university

  6. Selection part 1: Document screening by applied university

  7. Selection part 2: Admission Interview by applied university

  8. Successful applicants announcement

  9. Tuition fee issuance by applied university

  10. Tuition fee payment + payment confirmation

  11. Letter of Admission issuance

  12. Visa application from each home country

  13. Arrival in Korea

Royal Butler Handling Fee

  • 250 USD / 315,000 KRW per applicant

  • Paid in advance

  • Non-refundable

  • Includes:

- online application fee paid to applied university,

- complete documents preparation guidance,

- Personal Statement essays review,

- online application completion.

Application Process
Handling Fee
How to Apply?
To apply for admission, please send us:
  1. Passport Scan
  2. Last Education Degree Certificate
  3. Last Education Degree Transcript
  4. Desired course and program
to our email:

Payment can be made through PayPal, or wire transfer through your local bank, or local transfer through a Korean bank.

By Paypal:

please send payment of 250 USD to:

By Wire Transfer:

please send payment of 250 USD to:



By local Korean bank transfer:

please send 315,000 KRW to:

Kakao Bank (카카오뱅크) 3333-1465-10-197

Cho Hoon (조훈)

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