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Dongwon Institute of
Science and Technology
Associate Degree Program

This program includes a mandatory 1 year of intensive Korean Language Program before the applicants can proceed to their associate degree courses. Most departments are a 2-year-program.

Available Majors

1. Dept. of Nursing (4yr)*

2. Dept. of Ophthalmic Optics (3yr)*

3. Dept. of Public Health Administration*

4. Dept. of Automotive Engineering

5. Dept. of Aviation Maintenance (3yr)

6. Dept. of Unmanned Aviation & Mechanical

7. Dept. of Aviation Maintenance NCO

8. Dept. of Electrical Energy Engineering

9. Dept. of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment (3yr)

10. Dept. of Fire Safety Management*

11. Dept. of Hotel Culinary Arts

12. Dept. of Hotel Food & Baking Division

13. Dept. of Hotel Management of Sightseeing

14. Dept. of Early Childhood Education (3yr)*

15. Dept. of Social Welfare*

16. Dept. of Sports Science Devision (day/night)

17. Dept. of Sport for All

18. Dept. of Rehabilitation Sports

All courses are 2-year-program unless stated otherwise.

* requires national certification test after graduation. Not recommended to foreign students due to the extreme difficulty of language and materials for the national exam.

Tuition Fee
  • Registration & Processing Fee

  • 1-yr Tuition Fee (Korean Language Program)

  • Bank Processing Fee (non-refundable)

300 USD

5,000 USD

50 USD

Required Documents

1. DIST Application Form & Self Introduction Form *file can be downloaded at the bottom
2. Copy of Passport

3. Copy of Certificate of Birth

4. Copy of National ID Card (applicant)

5. Copy of National ID Card (both parents)

6. Certificate of Family Registration

7. Bank Balance Statement of min. 10,000 USD

8. Proof of Parents' Employment

9. Proof of Parents' Income

10. High School Diploma

11. High School Transcript         

*All documents must be in Korean or English.

DIST Korean Language Center
  • 4 levels; Beginner level, Intermediate1 level, Intermediate2 level, and Advanced level.

  • 2 semesters (4 sessions) in 1 academic year.

  • 10 weeks per session; 5 days a week, 4 hours a day (Monday to Friday).

  • Korean Cultural Field Trip every semester.

1st Semester

Session 1

Session 2

9 Mar - 15 May 2020

1 Jun - 7 Aug 2020

2nd Semester

Session 3

Session 4

7 Sept - 13 Nov 2020

30 Nov - 5 Feb 2021

On-campus Dormitory

International students will be living in on-campus dormitory.

One room can accommodate 2 to 4 people.

Room facilities: bed, table, chair, closet, LAN internet.

Dormitory facilities: cafeteria, rest areas, small gym, laundry room, study room, computer room, small kitchen, water dispenser.

Each floor is provided with shower facilities, toilets and restrooms.

Dormitory price (1 year, no meal, 4 people) approx. 1,300 USD.

Application Process

Application Form &

All Documents Submission





Final Applicants

Result Announcement

You may download each the Application Form and Self Introduction Form here:


Visit DIST's website here:

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